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Posted on: October 26, 2009 1:51 pm

State of the Bears after week 7, looking forward.

Ok, i cannot condem the Cutler trade. Has he thrown alot of INTs? Yes he has. But look at why he has thrown them. Even in the Green Bay game those turnovers came when we were losing, and nothing was going right on either side of the ball, and he had to force some passes, A: because he had 2 seconds to get the ball out before he would get blown up, or B: because he had to try and get something going.

I actually liked one of his INTs yesterday, it showed he actually does know what hes doing. When it was 4th down and what i think 20 on our last play, instead of getting sacked and giving the Bengals the ball on our 40 yd line, he threw a jump ball that got picked and didnt give them great field position. That was basically the same thing as a punt.

As far as the rest of the team, Lovie has to go. He is in charge of the defense this season, hes an ex-defensive coordinator, and yet our defense looks worse than it has in forever. I've never seen a Bears defense play this bad. How is he not to blame?

McGowan shouldnt be starting. Kevin Payne is much better. Zach Bowman should not be playing in the NFL. Where is D.J Moore? We drafted him for a reason. He had a high draft stock, play the kid see what he can do. Nobody can do as bad as Bowman is right now. He got out ran yesterday numerous times by Laverneus Coles!!!! That guy's career is basically done. Yet Bowman managed to make him look good again.

But now everybody is going to say we should have held onto Orton look what hes doing.....No thats not true. Orton would be doing the same exact thing he was last year with us. He went to a team with a much better OL and very good WR. Cutler is still doing good, i would say. He has shown that he can get it done in the 4th quarter. With a bad OL and a decent WR corp.

Waiting until this years draft would not have been smart. There are alot of overhyped QBs coming out. There are only 2 that i like succeeding in the NFL. Colt McCoy and Jake Locker. With Jevan Snead possibly doing good. Claussen, Tebow, and Bradford are all going to flop. And we would not have had high enough of a draft pick to land McCoy or Locker, as teams like the Rams, Browns and Raiders are going to be at the top of the draft board looking for one of those guys.

Drafting a guy like Bradford would have just set this team back 10 more years. Cutler is proven, and as soon as Lovie can get him some time to throw the ball, he will show why we gave away what we did to get him.

Our OL is abismal. Why is Omiyale starting? Who actually sat down this week and said "hey we should start Omiyale at LG?" Whoever suggested it should be fired right now. He did nothing well yesterday. How is it that in a draft class that so far has been littered with Pro=Bowl caliber OL, we drafted the only one that was hurt, and has not done anything yet?

There were so many OL in that 08 draft, and we got the worst out of all of them. Get Omiyale out, put in Beekman at LG, hes played that position his whole life, im sure he can still do it. No matter how much our idiotic coaching staff has been trying to turn him into a C.

Switch Pace and Williams. Pace is not quick enough to handle those fast DEs. At least Williams has his youth and more speed. And if anything it will be a growing period for him to learn how to block in the NFL.

Back to our wonderful coaching staff. Lovie is calling the defensive plays, am I correct? If you noticed on most of their big pass plays and TD passes, we were in a soft zone. Not just a Cover 2, but a complete zone. And they tore it up every time. Yet the entire game in the red zone we went to a zone. Why? Its called improvision Lovie. Use it.

Now onto Ron Turner. If he ever has a job in the NFL again other than with maybe the Raiders, that is a joke. He is worse than Jon Shoop, and i thought that would be very difficult to do. I will tell you the #1 reason Matt Forte has done virutally nothing this year. Its not because hes hurt, or hes not as good as we all thought he was.

Its because Ron Turner constantly calls the same running play over, and over, and over again. There is no variation in his play calling. Either he picks run between the RG and RT, or between the LG and LT. Hi Ron im a defense, i know what run plays are coming, therefore i know what holes to fill and how to stop them. Mix it up!!!! You cannot keep calling the same play over and over again and expect it to work. You cant do it.

Thats my rant for now. Im officially starting the petition to fire Lovie and bring in Bill Cowher. Or Re-unite Cutler with Shanahan. Sign here:
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