Posted on: March 16, 2008 11:52 pm

Tyler Hansbrough is POY

A few weeks ago i was sold on the fact that Beasley is the best player in the country and puts up the best stats. And therefore deserves POY.

Now i believe differently. I understand the award is POY and not MVP. But i think Hansbrough still deserves POY.

Regardles of a teams record being a factor or not i think Hansbrough deserves it.

Personally i dont think it should go to a guy whose team isnt that great. And its not like he doesnt have any help. Bill Walker and Jacob Pullen are real solid players. I think a teams record should play into the decision. Hansbrough is the best player on the best team in the country.

And hes putting up the stats too. Hes still averaging 23 and 10. Wich isnt Beasley's 26 and 12, but its still very good.

Im sure many will disagree with me soley because its supposed to go to the best player regardless of team, but Tyler Hansbrough has been doing it night in night out for 3 years now and has never faltered. And hes leading his team back to the top.

Psycho T for POY.

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