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Posted on: November 12, 2008 12:38 pm

GM for a day.

If i were in Jim Hendry's position this offseason there are a few things i would do.

1. Get Peavy. We got the names in our farm system and MLB ready guys like Marshall to get the Padres a good enough deal. This is a must have acquisition in my mind. The only persons name I have heard in the rumors that i would want to keep is Mike Fontenot. The guy is a big stick off the bench and a great pinch hitter and late inning replacement. He has a real future in this league and i would like to keep him.

2. Sign Rafeal Furcal. We can all assume that Fukudome wont be our starting RF next season. So move DeRosa to RF, move Theriot back to 2B and bring in Furcal who was a big reason why the Dodgers swept us. Now you have a real guy you can hit leadoff in front of Alfonso Soriano.

3. Let Daryle Ward, Henry Blanco, and Bob Howry walk. We have better young options in my opinion.

4. Sign Sean Casey. Get a real 1B to backup Derek Lee. And a guy that can give us spot starts so the D-Lee isnt completely washed come playoff time.

5. Sign Jeremy Affeldt. Posted a 3.33 ERA last season with 80 Ks in 78 innings. To me hes a better 7th inning guy and we can use him to take more innings of Marmol's arm.

6. Bring Kerry Wood back. I still see him signing for cheap because he still hasnt won anything here yet. Unless a west coast or some Texas team throws big money at him, we have to bring him back. He was great as a closer last season. That slider is one of the best in the game, and if he wasnt afraid to throw his curveball he would be that much better.

7. Sign Mike Mussina. Only a one or two year deal. But last season he proved he can still pitch. The Yankees might throw more money at him, but we should at least pursue this. He would be a great 4th or 5th starter assuming we land Peavy.

8. Bring Edmonds back. Again only a one or two year deal. The platoon of him and Reed Johnson worked like a gem last year. His stick isnt what it used to be but he hasnt really lost a step out in CF. Also there is nobody that jumps out to me in the list of FA CFs.

9. Throw an offer at Dempster. Nothing big, but if he will sign for cheap i say do it. I cant see that happening though. So if he wants big money let him walk because while i really like him, i cant see him putting up the same numbers.

10. If you dont sign Furcal, throw offers at Casey Blake and Bobby Abreu. Blake is a 3B who can play the OF and a guy i have admired for years. Abreu is more of your typical RF but will cost alot more money in my opinion. But if i dont get Furcal one of these guys is a must have.

You see nothing about Sabathia in here and that is for good reason. While there is no doubt he is one of the best pitchers in the game, i thinking giving Peavy money and offering him a huge contract would limit the little moves that we could make, like signing Sean Casey, Furcal, Blake/Abreu, Mussina.

I think making all those smaller acquisitions will amount to much more than Sabathia can bring with his monsterous contract.

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